Sunday, January 28, 2007

Knock, Knock . . .

This is it . . . your one and only
chance to win a FREE copy of the
Black Book DVDs.

Post a comment that explains why
YOU should be the one I choose.

Tell me why the Black Book DVDs
are the right program for you, and
what you'd do with this very
privileged information if you had
it in your hot little hands.

I will announce the winner this
Friday, February 2nd.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rosalind Gardner Says

I was a little surprised that
Rosalind Gardner gave play to
my Affiliate Marketing Sham
report - I like Rosalind, but
my style is a little 'rough'
for her.

She blasted me in her blog
today and we shall see if she
approves my response.

If she doesn't, here it is:

Hi Rosalind,

I appreciate your review of my tactics. I’m always open to learning and as I told you in a personal email, your handbook was the first ebook I ever purchased; I highly respect your work and skill as a writer – you’re good.

Rosalind: Using the word ‘Sham’ is an effective ATTENTION-GRABBER. The ‘Death of Adsense’ report and the Rick Jerk used similar attention-grabbing techniques. Yet, X may alienate some internet marketing students who are unimpressed that he hitches a ride on that bandwagon.

.X.: The use of reports has proven to be a highly effective list builder. I understand you’re taking a pro/con approach here and it’s probably true that many are burned out on the great amount of content to decipher. It didn’t play out as well as expected with certain audiences, but answering “Thank you for opening my eyes” emails has been gratifying and kept me busy.

Rosalind: The mysterious ‘X’ persona enhances DESIRE to know more about the author and what he knows. However, X loses CREDIBILTY and fails to build TRUST with this technique.

.X.: Fair enough; it sure didn’t hurt me on the Adwords Black Book and there’s nobody on the Internet marketing scene who gets more talk than the Rich Jerk. My credibility and trust isn’t fluffed up by what I claim to have done – and frankly who’d know my name anyway? My credibility is built on the testimonials I have from actual people making real money for themselves (as well as people like Allen Says, Willie Crawford, Dr. Mike Woo-Ming and others who’ve experienced my work).

Although all of my customers know me by name, most prefer to call me “X” – and I appreciate you haven’t called me “Mister”.

Rosalind: X uses strong, offensive language and name-calling in the report. Althugh this may appeal to a younger demographic, it’s a huge turn-off to a more mature crowd that generally views swearing as a lack of skill, knowledge and/or intelligence.

.X.: Positioning is a critical element of marketing. If I attempted to reach the same audience as Perry Marshall – or you – clearly I’d be missing the target with the aggressive, guerilla tactics approach I teach. I won’t insult the “mature” crowd with a label because some of my very best customers are “mature”; my crowd is not the “conservative crowd” intimidated by risk and I prefer to turn THEM off sooner than later.

Regarding the perception I might “lack skill, knowledge and/or intelligence” - I’ve worked for two US Presidents and graduated Magna Cum Laude from a top 25 university. My approach is calculated: I think people are sick of the same formulaic blah-blah and my willingness to tell it like it is appeals to the RIGHT customer for me.

Rosalind: X’s assertion that 25% or more of all affiliate sales are not properly credited instills FEAR. Fear creates DESIRE for the upcoming product which teaches how to overcome ‘the peril’. Really makes you wonder how despite all the commission theft and lousy tracking so many Super Affiliates are making more than a million bucks a year. Yup, we’re ‘Big-Time Losers’ alright. LOL. Note: What I found particularly interesting is that unlike most merchants in the IM category, X set up his affiliate program so that those who recommended the report, would not benefit from subsequent sales of the product. That requires a different affiliate link.

.X.: First, it’s a provable assertion so fear or not, it’s a reality.

There’s POTENTIALLY great money as an affiliate, yes. But there’s far better money having an army of affiliates working for you. Being an affiliate –ONLY - should be seen as nothing more than a stepping stone and if people – you included – are only using affiliate marketing as a money maker, then you ARE leaving money on the table. Of course, you have your own product and pressed to give an answer I know you’d admit it has certain high leverage benefits that selling OPP doesn’t give you.

Regarding my commission strategy, that was a chance taken after talking with several other marketer’s about their own launch strategies. Yes, I take a lot of risks and they don’t all fly – but it’s that out-of-the-box thinking that puts me on the map.

Rich Schefren, for instance, made it mandatory that his partners promote his Manifestos if they wanted to be a part of his product launch (and no, he didn’t pay for those subscribers that I’m aware of).

I didn’t want to force my affiliate’s in that way, so I decided to offer you a commission per subscriber – then also offer a commission if you actually promote the product itself. If you promote the freebie you get a commission and if you promote the product you get an additional commission. If you don’t promote one or the other, you don’t. Seems fair enough to me. Not a single affiliate, until this moment, has had any issue with that approach and I think you’ll agree that from this perspective it’s quite fair.

I hope you enjoy your DVDs when they arrive Rosalind.

All the best to you - .X.

Here's Rosalind's post in its
entirety - I've only included
my response to portions of it.

Monday, January 15, 2007

No Bull

> > I'm 36 years old with a wife and two children. My wife works and I am
> > self-employed
> > working lawn maintenance and landscaping. I know what it means to work
> > hard. I served in the Marines, dug ditches, loaded and unloaded trucks,
> > and
> > I continue to work hard. In my "spare time", such as it is, I try my
> hand
> > at IM, but I'm becoming more and more disillusioned with the whole
> > business
> > since all I have seen and attempted has been regurgitated garbage.
> >
> > I'm at a crossroads in my life with IM. Your Black Book DVD's will be
> the
> > last thing I ever consider buying, if it is something within my price
> > range. So I need to know if you truly believe that your product is
> worth
> > the investment or not. I'm literally at the end of my rope financially
> > ...

> We could change a few elements of
> your story and make it mine.
> Three and a half years ago I was
> fired from my job, after calling
> my boss out for his low integrity.
> I couldn't work in that situation.
> My wife and I had a seven month
> old and $600 in the bank - I was
> making about $400 a month from
> affiliate marketing on the side
> at that time.
> I hope it's clear in my messages
> that I have a value system; part
> of that comes from my own military
> background, part as a family guy
> too. I've met a lot of people in
> this business who lack anything
> resembling honor and integrity.
> My approach evolved out of a need
> to make things happen for my
> family. I didn't have $50 to blow
> and now that I do, I don't believe
> in blowing money - I've worked too
> hard for it.
> Bottom line is, I cannot and will
> not promise anybody that what I
> do will work for them - but I've
> chased a lot of dead ends, spent
> thousands on programs, software,
> ect, and it's my goal to deliver
> the real deal - recognizing that
> people put their hopes and dreams
> on the line - that the investment
> in my program takes money away
> from things that could go to your
> children.
> That investment better pay off
> for you. I better deliver and I
> take that seriously.
> I'm not going to tell you what
> you should or should not do. I
> do hope you can see clearly where
> I'm coming from.
> All the best to you - X

Monday, January 08, 2007

re: The Great Affiliate Sham

Hi Mr. X

Thought I would take you up on starting a thread for your report.

I am guilty of building my vendors (publishers) lists and not my own. It hurts! I feel like I have no control over the future and at any time the rug can get pulled. The short term money is great but the long term outlook is questionable.

I also see many times where I do not get the aff credit but have always chalked that up to the cost of business. Love the report. It makes it clear that the power is in the list or who owns the traffic. I have to start building a business. Thanks X.


PS Your BlackBook easily put an extra $10,000+ in my pocket last year and I look forward to the DVD's. Anyone one on the fence with the DVD's should take the plunge. Mr. X is for real!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


A message for Richard M.

I love most of my customers.

I really do.

Then there are people like
Richard that I just have to
write about - and I know you
like hearing about this
because we ALL have people
like this we'd like to just


First, this guy writes
saying "I've subscribed 4
times and I've never
received anything. Is
THIS a sham."

Well, Richard, you use
Earthlink and being busy
as I am I don't spend a lot
of time responding to people's
spam filter challenges.

If you want to receive your
email, get a real email
provider - not Earthlink.

But, I appease dear Dick and
I send him a direct link.

He then writes back saying
"I read your report and I
have a number of doubts and
suspicions (yes, they are
YOUR doubts and suspicions
Rich and no one's else.)

You wrote, Mr. X, that you
were a receptionist. Isn't
that usually a job for

OK. Dick is a sexist pig.

And Dick probably isn't a
"do what you've got to do
to support your family" kind
of guy.

Yes, Mr. X had a 'girl' job

Honestly, I find this
ridiculously funny. Because
that thought never once ever
crossed my mind before.

It was a job in a tourist
town where the options are:

a. Locker room attendent
b. Telemarketer
c. Receptionist

I prefer this story:

"Man, starting with NOTHING,
builds million dollar business
in his spare bedroom, then
gets to thumb nose at all of
the meatheads in the world
like Dick."

I hope somebody loves you
Dick. I do.

And bless her (him?)


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Two Weeks to Launch

The Black Book DVDs will
launch on January 16th.

If you've been following me
you know I'm not a big hype guy -
it's a fine line to walk in
marketing because you must
get people excited - but you
have to deliver the goods

I studied film making in
college and had a course in
film marketing.

Fascinating stuff.

Opening weekend is critical
for a movie - if people like
the movie, it generates word
of mouth buzz. It needs a
little help to get the first
group in the door - but if the
film is REALLY good, then it
has legs of it's own.

If a movie sucks and the studio
knows it, they know they
have to make what they can on
opening weekend - they hype
the hell out of it and sucker
as many people as they can.

The Black Book DVDs . . . I'm
thinking great word of mouth
buzz, just like the Adwords
Black Book.

I'm not worried about a
blockbuster launch (although
there's more than a little
interest from others wanting
to promote the DVDs)

After visiting the printer
today and flipping through
Black Book Manual One the
first time, I can say I've
created the product I wanted
to - it's full of great,
valuable info that's going
to make people money.