Saturday, January 06, 2007


A message for Richard M.

I love most of my customers.

I really do.

Then there are people like
Richard that I just have to
write about - and I know you
like hearing about this
because we ALL have people
like this we'd like to just


First, this guy writes
saying "I've subscribed 4
times and I've never
received anything. Is
THIS a sham."

Well, Richard, you use
Earthlink and being busy
as I am I don't spend a lot
of time responding to people's
spam filter challenges.

If you want to receive your
email, get a real email
provider - not Earthlink.

But, I appease dear Dick and
I send him a direct link.

He then writes back saying
"I read your report and I
have a number of doubts and
suspicions (yes, they are
YOUR doubts and suspicions
Rich and no one's else.)

You wrote, Mr. X, that you
were a receptionist. Isn't
that usually a job for

OK. Dick is a sexist pig.

And Dick probably isn't a
"do what you've got to do
to support your family" kind
of guy.

Yes, Mr. X had a 'girl' job

Honestly, I find this
ridiculously funny. Because
that thought never once ever
crossed my mind before.

It was a job in a tourist
town where the options are:

a. Locker room attendent
b. Telemarketer
c. Receptionist

I prefer this story:

"Man, starting with NOTHING,
builds million dollar business
in his spare bedroom, then
gets to thumb nose at all of
the meatheads in the world
like Dick."

I hope somebody loves you
Dick. I do.

And bless her (him?)



At 5:40 PM , Blogger Hatch said...

LOL, Funny Stuff! Yes I like hearing stories like this and I think we all have to put up with a small number of "Dicks" in our IM businesses. Hey Dick, X is the real deal that exposes some of the crap that is out there. As a black book holder and soon holder of his DVD set I say good on ya X and keep up the good work. By the way, I once pushed trolleys at my local supermarket and who cares what we did in the past to survive for a crust, it is what we do now that matters the most.

At 5:54 PM , Blogger X said...

I can always count on
the good people of

Thanks Hatch.


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