Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Traffic Fusion

You drive into the Golden Arches drive through, and a squaking voice says “Are you ready to place your order?”

“Uh, yeah, I’d like a quarter pounder with cheese and a large fry.”

“Would you like a Coke with your order today sir?”

“Sure. I’ll take a medium.”

If you’ve been around marketing you probably already understand the concept of upselling. If you don’t, it’s when someone asks you if you’d like to “supersize that order”. It’s getting the customer to spend more money at the time of the transaction.

Now, what’s fascinating here - and maybe you’ve never realize this before – is that you cannot hop in the car and go to the local Coke store. Coke stores don’t exist – at least not that I’ve ever seen.

Coke is sold in places where you’re already going to buy something else.

When you go to the local AM/PM to fill up on gas, they’ll sell you a Coke.

When you go to the local grocery store to do your shopping, they’ll sell you a Coke.

And, when you go to one of your favorite junk food venues, they’ll sell you a Coke too – or a Pepsi.

Coke sells their product when people go someplace to buy something else.

These places people go are Coke’s distribution channel. And the best place you can be when it comes to selling your product or service is a part of someone else’s distribution channel. People are already there, ready to buy.

Marketer’s put a lot of effort, time and money into trying to meet new prospects. Unfortunately most of these prospects are what is termed “cold”. There out there, and while they may want and need what you have to offer they probably didn’t wake up this morning thinking about you.

So you have to set about interrupting their daily routine to gain their attention, generate desire for your product and motivate them to buy something from you. That’s not an easy job.

But, what if they’re already in the daily habit of going someplace to buy?

What if someone else has already done the heavy lifting – like McDonald’s – and you have a way to make that investment they’ve made more profitable?

This is a win-win for everyone. You have a product that complements what the customer has already purchased – you have the thirst quenching soda that goes well with that salty burger and fries. Both business partners make more money with this arrangement – and, ideally, the customer has a more satisfying experience.

This is the basic concept behind a new marketing software called Traffic Fusion. Traffic Fusion can help Internet marketers automate this process of hooking up with others who are selling a complementary product to increase profits for everyone.

Plus, the program also manages upsells, downsells, cross-sells and a whole lot of other selling designed to extract maximum revenue from customers already in “buy mode”.

The concept is fascinating and the software makes it doable for Internet marketers everywhere.

Check it out:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Traffic Fusion

I just caught word about an exciting new offer on the Internet marketing horizon called Traffic Fusion. I cannot say anything more about Traffic Fusion at this time, but it should be one to watch for.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Affiliate Elite Review

Read about Affiliate Elite here.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Mastermind X

Mastermind X is currently scheduled for September 14-16 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Black Books Blog

Black Books Blog has a new home.

Black Books Blog is here

Black Books Blog, it's no longer here.

(Don't worry - EVERYTHING has been moved.)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Don't Tell Blogger . . .

Black Books Blog needs a makeover and a move to Wordpress.

Tell me which of these four themes you like best:

1. Silhouette

2. Vertigo Blue (Would replace the "V" with an "X" logo)

3. Vertigo Red (Would replace the "V" with an "X" logo)

4. Graphite

If you have something you think is more X, give me a link - I'll take a look.

Leave your vote as a comment.


Monday, June 04, 2007

Google Cash Detective

First off, I have seen no more of Google Cash Detective than you.

I can't give you a review.

What I can say is the following:

1. Chris Carpenter is one guy I've never slammed, anywhere.

We're chummy buddies? Nope.

I just think Chris does things as close to "right" as anyone - he takes care of his people.

2. Tools

There are tools I can't live without, and there are tools that make life easier (but I could live without).

Let's be straight on one thing - I've been successful WITHOUT tools and I think you need that experience FIRST.

Don't buy anything with the idea it's going to magically make you money - it's probably not.

If you're already making money, a great tool (which we appear to have with GC Detective) will help you make more.

If you're not already making money, there's a lot to the game you need to learn - and it's very possible to make a GREAT living when those basics click.

If you want to take a ride on GC Detective, I encourage you do so - the more exposure you get to these priniciples, the greater your odds of success. And I have no doubt Chris will over deliver - he has with every experience I have with him as CUSTOMER.

Google Cash Detective

Now, I'm going to share two secrets with you - these were my secrets and now a lot of shit balls are selling these concepts in various forms.

First - keywords.

Software like Keyword Xray and what you'll find in GCD, I imagine, will help you determine which keyword phrases are producing for you - and which aren't.

That's great information to have - those tools will tell you more than I can. BUT - I can predict with a high degree of accuracy what those words will be, with a few surprises pointed out by the software.

I drill this into the heads of my students -


People love the idea of BIG TRAFFIC. The gurus know this - people buy "traffic" products, they don't buy "conversion" products.

It's easier to fall in love with "1,000,000 visitors per month" than it is to fall in love with "almost guaranteed conversion rate of 5%".

And this is why so many people lose, and make no money (and, in fact, burn through piles of it and declare 'Adwords doesn't work'!"

Bull shit it doesn't work - everything I do STILL pays $3 to 4 for every dollar I spend.

How can this be?

Simple - I promote lots of products using VERY FEW keyword phrases.

80/20 the 80/20 and then 80/20 it again.

I promote, almost exclusively, using brand name terms - trademarked terms - long-tail terms . . . whatever you want to call them.

If I'm promoting "Google Cash Detective", then I use a keyword list that includes on "Google Cash Detective" and variations thereof. Am I running ads under "google adwords"?

Hell no.

Now, those phrases are increasingly competitive - especially in this niche, and that's why "Bitch Slap Techniques" are necessary (as taught in the Black Book DVDs) and other techniques that are basically just SMART MARKETING (and most people in this game are not marketing . . . in a very sophisticated way, should we say - yet many are still able to make money and you can KILL them).

If you cannot convert with trademarked, brand name, long-tail terms - move on. Adding more general keywords at cheaper cost per clicks is the magic formula of doom (and a management headache).

Only AFTER you have achieved excellent conversion rates with the spot on terms do you expand ('they' don't tell you that and 'they' don't tell you expansion requires a different approach)

How to find product?

Again, these tools can offer you a shortcut - they can point out the obvious and they can help you cover TONS more ground than you can on your own.

But, "they point out the obvious". When you see something that looks good, you need to dig deeper on your own.

Just because an affiliate is making money - it doesn't mean you'll make money and it doesn't mean there aren't better options in the marketplace.

The key is to study results consistently over a period of time - you will learn tons about a market by doing this legwork. Often you'll discover better products to promote in the niche - things other affiliates ARE NOT PROMOTING.

I was reading Jay Abraham's "Mr. X" book last night and dug out two gems that apply here.

1. You must identify the gaps in the market - right now, I have a new product that's taken off like a rocket because I identified a gap within a niche, CRAFTED A KILLER USP, and that's clearly communicated in my ad. If you cannot communicate a USP in your ad, you have a HUGE problem.

2. Most of us think we're in business to make money. We're not - if that's your sole purpose, you won't stick around long. That's the business panhandlers are in - "Please sir, can you spare a buck or two? No, I don't have anything of value to offer you in return."

We are in business to help our customers speed their growth.

It doesn't matter what the customer wants to "grow" - if you can help him/her grow their body, their sex life, their hair, their ding-a-ling, their bank account, their time off, their pile of crap to keep up the Jones', then you've done your J-O-B.

OK - enough for now.

Google Cash Detective