Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Adwords Money Map

.X. has just released a new offer
called The Adwords Money Map.

In this report, with bonus video,
.X. reveals the sales process he
has developed after years of
observation, testing and trials.

You won't believe the price on
this offer - he's practically
giving it away.

Check it out here:

Already own the Adwords Money
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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shut up and listen

Most people I meet I really like.

I think people are surprised when they
meet me and discover I'm not the guy
they thought I'd be.

It was great fun at a recent event when
I was sitting next to a guy, having a beer
and he asked me what I do -

"I wrote the Adwords Black Book . . ."

He almost fell out of his chair.

"You're kidding! I'm on your list - I love
your stuff. Are you guys on his list?
You should be - it's great."

That kind of thing is fun -

It's all I said and I said it to plenty of
other people who just looked at me with
a blank glassy stare . . .

"OK dude . . . never heard of you or your
book . . . don't want to sound stupid . . .
don't know who the hell you are . . ."

So, you've got another guy there - a young

Every chance he gets he's trying to tell
someone how great he is, how much
money he makes, how much insider access
he has.


Reminds me of the kids who hot rod up and
down our street in a Bondo gray 1986 Honda
with a blown muffler.

Dudes . . . you're not cool.

You're annoying.

And, your car is loud, not because it's got
something hot under the hood . . . you need
a new muffler.

OK - I probably did some dork-ass stuff like
that too.

Back to the venti-uno braggart.

I don't know, maybe it's all true but I've
found the more I shut up the more
successful I tend to be.

Here's my modus operendi . . .

I like to enter a situation as the quiet guy
in the background - the shadow.

I listen, I learn, I assess.

Then, if I have something worth saying,
I say it.

A lot of people I've known get lulled into
underestimating me.

The people who really know me, know
that when I do say something, it's worth
listening too (if they can make sense of

Mainly though, when I'm in a room full of
smart people I've found I have far more
to gain by listening to what they have to

Sometimes, shut up and listen is good

Black Books, Gurus and Customers

Did you know there are over 150,000 advertisers
on Google Adwords?

That's a lot of people.

I point that out to the people who are concerned
about me selling my information to 500 or 1000
of them.

When I sold the Adwords Black Book, my biggest
concern was that my information in the hands of
other people would dilute it's power.

I sure didn't see any adverse affect -

In fact, where my business was hurt most had
nothing to do with what I shared - what hurt it
most was that I wasn't prepared for the later
demands that pulled me away from my old
business and into this new 'teacher' gig.

And teaching is only the start. I won't bore you
with the details - let's just say, be careful what
you wish for.

Playing the Game . . .

I don't mind being honest with you - I'd like to
think that's why you read what I write.

The problem with this whole 'guru' thing is
one day you're 'doing it' . . . then you decide
you want something - a little recognition, to
share your ideas, a calling card people pay
attention to, to sincerely help people - and
the next thing you know you wake up in the

I don't mind calling myself a 'guru'. It's a label
and I've been labeled worse.

Who cares?

I don't walk on water and my sh*t does stink
and I'm clear on both.

I have stuff to offer that works for a lot of
people and if 'guru' is the term for doing that,
then fine.

What I don't like about it is that people line
up with big expectations from their chosen
'savior'. Suddenly, every word from my
mouth has to be profound.

No, worse, are the opportunists. "X, I'll
write a sales letter and you create a product
and together we'll put it out there and you'll
get 25% of all sales for doing nothing."

Yes. On any casual evening, I pull a product
out of my ass.

Easy as birthing a baby.

Piece of cake.

I just lie there, writhe in pain for a few
minutes, then it's all smiles.

My wife, kind and gentle as she is, would
smack anyone in the head with a dead
fish if she thought you thought I'm serious.

No, the big problem with being a guru is
that you wind up not doing much of what
you teach because you're too busy teaching
or managing people you've taught to do
what you're teaching.

The result? Crap.

OK, moving on from crap. What's my point?

First, I attended Rich Schefren's event last
weekend. Had a good time with my family
in Florida and got my head cleared up a

Hallalujah, I have a direction.

On Rich note, I got a lot of good value
from his presentation.

I also heard something that shocked me -
and it says a lot (especially since the
guy is teaching business to so many 'gurus').

Rich said, when you're getting your biz
going you can only focus on doing so many
things well. And ultimately, only one thing
is important - bringing in the money to get
to the next stage.

I guess I agree with that.

Then he said, basically, in the beginning the
thing you have to scrimp on is customer

Really, you had to hear him say it to get just
how bad it really sounded. I felt like a cheap
whore and based on my experience, he's
not lying.

Even with his live presentation, he put the
prospects at home ahead of the captive audience
that spent good bucks and time to be there.

[ Rich's confession ]

Don't get me wrong, I've gotten a lot from his
program - yet it's very clear that Rich's main
objective is getting as many customers
through the door as he can - and he's not all
that worried if they're happy.

I think this happens a lot. And I don't think
it's smart business - not if you want to endure
the long run.

Now, it's pretty damn hard to argue that at
this moment in time Rich is the king of our
little IM world.

He's really done it.

But, is it that hard - that costly to provide
even mediocre customer support (Rich, nor
his staff rarely ever visit his forum or answer

When I worked my last job, we would get
slammed with emails. Nobody had time for
them all - yet, when would focus on answering
as many as we could, sales would double.

Some response - ANY response - means something.

Since our backend sales (from existing
customers) and word of mouth referrals
(from our existing customers) are so
important - and the gurus tell us so - does
it seem calculated to neglect those people
in pursuit of new people when you can't
even support the old?

I don't know; makes no sense to me at all.

Of course, when you read the replies to
Rich's apology, you've got a lot of
bootlickers and maybe it's the customer's
fault as much as the guru's.

Tell me what you think . . .

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Yahoo Makes the Change

New Ranking Model Launches Today, February 5, 2007

We're excited to announce that the new ranking model has launched today, February 5, 2007, in our U.S. market. The new ranking model is designed to improve user results through higher quality search ads. When users engage with these higher quality search ads, advertisers will receive more interested, valuable potential customers, helping to drive better results for your business.

As we previously announced, both bid amount and ad quality
now determine an ad's rank in search results.

Your bid is the maximum amount that you're willing to pay when your ad is clicked. You will never be charged more than this amount.

Your ad's quality is determined by:

The ad's historical performance—determined by its click-through rate relative to its position on the page.

The ad's expected performance, relative to competing ads displayed at the same time—determined by various relevance factors considered by Yahoo!'s ranking algorithms.

You can gain an understanding of an ad's quality by looking at its quality index, which will be available to you once you've upgraded to the new Sponsored Search system.

Example of How Ads may be Ranked

The graphic below helps illustrate a scenario that may result from this change:

Learn more about the new ranking model. Learn more about the quality index.

Three Things you should do to Take Advantage of the New Ranking Model
To take advantage of the new ranking model, you should:

Include keywords in your ads.

Use Excluded Words to optimize your Advanced match type ads.

Review your current bids and set a budget to meet your business goals.

For more details, please click here.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

And the winner is . . .

First - I have something cool to show you.
Second - I have a winner to announce.

This is what I love about Internet marketing -
there is always a unique new twist that
nobody else has done waiting around a corner.

A lot of people are looking to make some
quick cash - and having that first experience
is a real key to making the ball roll.

So tell me, can you write a 10 page report?

Could you have somebody write a 10 page
report for you?

Of course - it's easy.

Just go to a forum and look at the questions
people have on a topic.

Create a report that answers those questions
and setup a system exactly like this guy:
Go visit the site and make notes about each
step in his process . . .

Then, DO IT!

And the winner of the set of Black Book
DVDs is . . .

Some of you guys are just seriously
friggin' nuts.

What kind of people are we attracting


OK - we knew this would be tough - and it
was - in fact, I almost wish I didn't do
this because there were about 15 I could
have picked.

But somebody has to be 'the one' this time
and it's:

Dominick (dom123456)

Lot's of great answers - thanks to everyone
who took their shot.