Saturday, February 03, 2007

And the winner is . . .

First - I have something cool to show you.
Second - I have a winner to announce.

This is what I love about Internet marketing -
there is always a unique new twist that
nobody else has done waiting around a corner.

A lot of people are looking to make some
quick cash - and having that first experience
is a real key to making the ball roll.

So tell me, can you write a 10 page report?

Could you have somebody write a 10 page
report for you?

Of course - it's easy.

Just go to a forum and look at the questions
people have on a topic.

Create a report that answers those questions
and setup a system exactly like this guy:
Go visit the site and make notes about each
step in his process . . .

Then, DO IT!

And the winner of the set of Black Book
DVDs is . . .

Some of you guys are just seriously
friggin' nuts.

What kind of people are we attracting


OK - we knew this would be tough - and it
was - in fact, I almost wish I didn't do
this because there were about 15 I could
have picked.

But somebody has to be 'the one' this time
and it's:

Dominick (dom123456)

Lot's of great answers - thanks to everyone
who took their shot.



At 1:53 PM , Blogger dom123456 said...

WOW I just read the email from X.. I actually one the freakin course!!

It's funny in life as soon as you start listening and following your own intuition things autimatically I mean in every area of your life not just marketing just start falling into place EFFORTLESSLY this is truly amazing.

I'm amazed because this is the first time I ever won anything. and It's funny how this course just comes right into my life at the perfect timing. I'm sure this will give me a huge huge boost to what what Im currently doing in my buisness right now.

I'm truly grateful. I'll keep you guy's posted on the results I'm getting.

Now X how do I claim this freakin thing already...LOL


At 2:10 PM , Blogger X said...

Dominick -

Congratulations. I'd narrowed it down to a few people, with you the pretty sure choice - then I asked for a little help from a friend. And we had the same short list with you at the top.

Go ahead and post your contact details here - I will "reject" the comment so it won't be seen publicly, but I'll get your info and have your DVDs sent to you ASAP.

At 2:25 PM , Blogger Zigmasoft said...

Great Work John,

You chose the winner but maybe missed out on what others had to say. Maybe everyone wasn't as good with words as the chosen winner but most of the guys including me (I don't know if I was in your 15) wanted to take the action. It would have been nice if you awarded the DVDs to someone who wasn't already earning $60 a day=$1800 a month..someone who could have brought a change in his life! If i'd be earning as much, I would have bought your DVDs. I can still buy but I can't afford it as yet.But maybe words count more than the needs. Also, I simply can't understand how can someone loose $100,000 to internet marketing products? But maybe he did. Anyways, I just felt sorry for participating in your contest and telling you about the problems of my life!! However, I am sure I am never one of those frigging nuts..I do know more about adwords than most of the guys who participated and I have lost my money too but earned some as well. Neways, good luck to you. I also realized that you are not better than any of the other 'gurus'..not because of not choosing me as the winner but because you chose someone who is already making a profit with adwords and can bring a good name to you!! No point in giving it to someone who wants to work hard from the very beginning right? lol!! No one to test the system truly :-p Neways I don't think I can use black and ugly techniques, throwing people out of the game, bitch slappin somebody just for the sake of money. I don't think money is so important. Some food for thought? :-)

Best of luck!!


At 2:50 PM , Blogger X said...


It's understandable that anyone who really wanted to win may have their own perspective.

Had I chosen you, no doubt people would have been critical that it was because of your story.

I read each and every post at least twice -

And I will say this, I learned things that will likely have an impact on my future efforts in this niche.

There are many, MANY ways to make money online.

The "Seven Dollar Secret" is one that WORKS and you may want to study that process and emulate it - it's transparent.

All the best to you - X

At 12:18 AM , Blogger OriginalDaddyBoy said...


Shame on you...

You broke one of the vital
laws of marketing..

You told everyone that you would
post the results on Feb. 2, 2007.

I see that you did not.

I can care less about winning, but your credibility leaves me to wonder.

Maybe the rest of your package isn't as credible as stated as well..

Now, if you were sick or dead or something like that, it would seem fair to give you a chance..

You didn't even offer an excuse or an apology.

Just seems a bit asenine that you have to hide behind a bullshit name.


Credibility matters....

At 3:11 AM , Blogger Stovis said...

I saw you knocked off Chris M's ad for for "photoshop elements" in Google UK. Aren't you concerned about Google shutting down your Adwords account for using an "inaccurate display URL"? They shut my whole account down for doing that. By the way, do you have any good ways to get a new Adwords account up? I tried opening a new account, but they caught me and won't run my new ads at all...

At 7:07 AM , Blogger X said...

Daddy Boy -

You're right.

My excuse? I was drunk and
having sex when I should have
posted the winner.

OK, I wanted to get it right
and I wasn't ready to make
the decision when I said I

I did make a decision, about
eight hours late and I feel
I got the right person.

You're right and in this case
I'm OK with it - and would
have preferred to deliver the
goods on time.

Didn't happen.

Stovis -

Nope, that's not my ad campaign
rubbing on Chris'.

I don't use any "inaccurate
display url" tricks.

Google tracks accounts by a
number of things, including
user credit card numbers.

Best advice I can offer is to
create a new business with all
new contact information and
banking info - don't use any
existing info to do it.

Of course, when it comes to
matters that resemble anything
of a legal nature, I am NOT
the guy you should pay for

At 10:23 PM , Blogger Stovis said...

Thanks for the advice.


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