Monday, January 08, 2007

re: The Great Affiliate Sham

Hi Mr. X

Thought I would take you up on starting a thread for your report.

I am guilty of building my vendors (publishers) lists and not my own. It hurts! I feel like I have no control over the future and at any time the rug can get pulled. The short term money is great but the long term outlook is questionable.

I also see many times where I do not get the aff credit but have always chalked that up to the cost of business. Love the report. It makes it clear that the power is in the list or who owns the traffic. I have to start building a business. Thanks X.


PS Your BlackBook easily put an extra $10,000+ in my pocket last year and I look forward to the DVD's. Anyone one on the fence with the DVD's should take the plunge. Mr. X is for real!


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