Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Two Weeks to Launch

The Black Book DVDs will
launch on January 16th.

If you've been following me
you know I'm not a big hype guy -
it's a fine line to walk in
marketing because you must
get people excited - but you
have to deliver the goods

I studied film making in
college and had a course in
film marketing.

Fascinating stuff.

Opening weekend is critical
for a movie - if people like
the movie, it generates word
of mouth buzz. It needs a
little help to get the first
group in the door - but if the
film is REALLY good, then it
has legs of it's own.

If a movie sucks and the studio
knows it, they know they
have to make what they can on
opening weekend - they hype
the hell out of it and sucker
as many people as they can.

The Black Book DVDs . . . I'm
thinking great word of mouth
buzz, just like the Adwords
Black Book.

I'm not worried about a
blockbuster launch (although
there's more than a little
interest from others wanting
to promote the DVDs)

After visiting the printer
today and flipping through
Black Book Manual One the
first time, I can say I've
created the product I wanted
to - it's full of great,
valuable info that's going
to make people money.


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