Saturday, December 09, 2006

Two Really Big Offers Coming

The following offers are for
Adwords Black Book owners

Links will be live for a
limited time, so watch your
email inbox CLOSELY in the
coming four-to-ten-days for
messages from .X.


I will be offering you the
complete Black Book DVDs
package as a bonus to
another product launch, only
as a favor to a very good
friend of mine.

Don't EXPECT this to EVER
happen again.

The Black Book DVDs are
nearing completion and
should consist of 12-14 DVDs
full of new, in-depth
information about dominating,
humuliating and annhilating
your Adwords competition and

The Adwords Black Book was
called "The Greatest Internet
Marketing Ebook Ever Written"
by many customers, and these
DVDs should rate with the top
IM packages ever released.

The Black Book DVDs will
sell for $1197 to non-Adwords
Black Book owners (plus s&h).

As a bonus to this launch
package, I will offer you
the Black Book DVDs for ONLY
$197 plus (plus s&h).

This is PROBABLY the best
offer you will EVER see for
the Black Book DVDs.

Watch here for more info.


I didn't want to share this
offer until weeks from now,
but I didn't expect I'd be
making an offer like the one
above - EVER.

If you don't want the BIG
package above, then here's
the Pre-release offer on the
Black Book DVDs for my
Adwords Black Book owners

The non-Black Book owner
price will be $1197 (plus

For my owners, I will be
offering a pre-release, pre-
Christmas special 3-pay-plan.

One payment of just $297.97
(plus s&h), followed by two
payments of only 249.97.

That's a huge savings off
the regular price and my way
of saying "Thank you".

Watch your email inbox for
both of these offers in the
next 3-10 days.



Expected delivery of the
Black Book DVDs is the first
week of February, 2007.

The package contains live
video footage from the four
day Black Book workshop that
attendees paid $2400 or more
to attend (and felt they got
every penny worth).

The package will also
include supplemental video
excerpts and approximately
300 pages of detailed
instruction. And probably
software too.

Is there significant NEW
material here not covered
by the Adwords Black Book
or available elsewhere?



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