Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fred is Cool

Through the Black Book experience,
I've learned a lot.

Take chances, be bold, be careful
the advice you give and take.

Fred responded to my email like a
true gentlemen.

I understand your frustration Fred.

I understand.

And whereas Fred was cool enough to
be honest, I can't say the same of
people like Mike, Holly, Bogdan,
Adam, and a slue of others.

But whatever.

It's not about me. People have their
agendas, their bad hair days, their
chips on their shoulders.

I'm going to give
myself some credit.

There was a time Fred's email would
have pissed me off to no end.

Instead it sparked the idea that I
really need a blog.

Black Books Blog . . .

I like it. So thanks Fred.

Now, let's talk about Holly.

I made a monumental mistake by going
with Virtual Vault - -
as security for my intellectual

What a piece of crap, headache
creating, crappy ass supported piece
of crap.

Did I say it's a piece of crap?

It is. It cost me close to a
thousand bucks on top of it all. So,
thanks Shawn Pringle.

Thanks a bunch.

It's a good thing you have that

But, then there's Holly. I'm very
good at putting the finger on where
people reside mentally and Holly is
therefore no surprise to me.

She's one of those who thinks that if
she plays the tough business bitch
thing she'll get the respect she

Holly buys product, doesn't read
instructions clearly highlighted in
bright yellow, then complains about

Holly also is first person to buy
product, attempt to register for
forum and not get the job done.

And she complains about it.

You know what? I'm fine with helping
people and I've bent over backwards
doing 16-18 hour days to ensure every
one is happy.

If there's a problem, do complain. I
just charged you $200 for an ebook -
albeight, a VERY GOOD ebook.

But what makes Holly different, is she
doesn't say "Hey, I'm having a problem.
Can you help me?"

She states her problems, then demands
a refund. She goes diva bitch on me.

OK, queen diva. Did you read my sales
letter? Did you think I was kidding?

No whiners wanted, or needed. Go.


So, Holly has her refund and she's on
her merry way to the next diva crisis.

I once heard Gary Halbert say that most
customers who request a refund have
made that decision before they buy the

That's Holly.

Then you have people like Bogdan, but
that's another story for another time.



At 10:16 PM , Blogger Nicholas said...

Hey mr x

I really liked these 2 posts! Very cool. I like your clear, straight forward and no bs writingstyle alot.

I just wanted to say something... you want to stay anonymous but your name is clearly stated on your blog here ;-). Don't know if you did this on purpose but just thought I would let you know anyway.

But for me it doesn't matter, I allready knew what your name was and won't tell it to others. But still, if you didn't intend to do this I think you'd better check it out :-).

I have seen a couple of your adsense sites btw and they are cool! But isn't this going against everything we are being taught at the moment by all the so called "guru's"? Is this a better way to format your webpage to get more CTR's?

I also want to take this opportunity to say thanks alot for all the amazing knowledge you have shared in your ebook. And I will most surely keep an eye on this page to see what's new in the world of mr. x :-).

Thanks and looking forward to read your next post.


At 7:59 PM , Blogger X said...

Hey Nicholas -

Haven't checked in for a while.

Thanks for the good words - and,
yes, I need to get my damn name
off this thing!

re: Adsense sites. The gurus are
full of crap. I get CTR's in the
35-40% range on my sites - and
not only that, those are the
highest paying ads.

In every other form of marketing,
from placing affiliate banner ads
to a sales letter the golden rule
is "Give people one option".

So why the hell are the "gurus"
telling people to place as many
ad blocks on a page as possible?

It's bad advice. Give people one
option and only one option you'll
succeed far more often.

All the best to you, 'X'

At 12:33 PM , Blogger X said...

March 2007 . . . just got off a call with a group of my cronies - "Holly" came up in conversation.

EVERY single one of them who Holly had purchased from, also had a refund request.

Now, see, here's someone claiming to make a gazillion dollars per year online - who has a $10,000 coaching program - and she refunds on everything?

I'm thinking, bullshit . . .

Now, you tell me - does X put out crap? Do you think X hangs out with people who put out crap?

Here's one for the "serial refunders" list - a self-proclaimed "guru" no less.



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