Saturday, May 26, 2007


Most people resist making a decision until faced with losing the opportunity to do so.

The button pushed:

The desire for control.

Control is one of the three HOT buttons I reveal in the psychology section of the Black Book DVDs.

Last September I saw something amazing with this principle; Using a one-time-only offer, aka OTO, in a non-Internet marketing niche I was achieving a 10% conversion rate.

10% is pretty dang good, but here's what's amazing . . .

My sales letter sucked.

Bad. Awful. Never thought people would see it (on that note, I'm celebrating - the site in question was banned from Google for putting TE pages on it for almost THREE years - just got some of my PR back and the site is alive again).

In fact, I had fifty bulletpoints that I'd pulled in from another sales letter that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the product being sold.

I could have posted an irrelevant news article and done about that same 10%.

In case you don't already have the point, one time only offers WORK - you should use them whenever, whereever you can.

Two new pieces of software are out - one from my friend Jordan Hall that uses a new twist - it's a timed OTO; you have X amount of time to act, then that's it.

Keith Wellman tested it and claimed his conversion rate nearly doubled.

This is a bargain (I see the price just went up $10) and it's simple:

The next piece of software, I haven't tried but I already know it's going to be hot-good.

It's the latest from John ****, appropriately named "***** *****".

Cool name - and I'm one of only three with the chance to offer it to you, out the gate.

With OTOs, you name it, it sounds like ***** ***** can do it.
More expensive, but mega-featured:
(Link coming this Friday, maybe sooner, hopefully not later)

Both of these pieces of software fit perfectly into my "name squeeze to sales letter approach".


PS - Next week - think June - is the launch of Google Cash Detective by Chris Carpenter. I want to clear out the remaining sets of Black Book DVDs I have and I'll be offering them as a bonus for GCD.


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