Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fair Warning


The madman is back.

You know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

.X. has had enough. It's time to get back to bitch slappin' nastiness boys and girls.

Adwords Black Book 2.0 (or maybe the Affiliate Black Book) is now cooking.

After months in the funk, the amps are crunchin' loud in my head again.

Launch date . . . who knows? I'm targeting July 1 for mailing the first issue of the IMXFiles - maybe pre-that if I can pull it off and make it good as it will be.

What I do knows is this -

It's gonna be excellent.

It's gonna be step-by-step.

It's gonna show you exactly how I used affiliate marketing and Adwords to launch a new site that's gonna do 10-25K - per month.

You gonna like it - and it ain't gonna be full of stuff I ripped off from everyone else like that crap I keep wasting my money on.

Fact is, I'm fu**ing sick of reading my stuff in other people's books and if anyone's gonna make money selling it - it's me.

Tentative price: $397

Go ahead. Tell me how good I look while I still look this good.

Forget it Ros - you're too old and I'm too married. You're going to have to keep hunting the classifieds honey.



At 1:36 PM , Blogger Wesley Anderson said...

Yo X, I was just wondering whether this website is *actually* yours.


I found the link at the back of Chris Carpenters new report and sure, the Adcenter Black Book looks like one of your products but you don't list it on your blog and the domain belongs to someone based in Ireland. So I thought I'd ask you if it is really yours.

This might be another rip-off of your style like the *cough* Multiplier Method *cough* was.

At 9:35 AM , Blogger Gerald Russell said...

The most recent version of Chris' document has the real X's stuff...if you look at the articles in May you'll see one on that book that blasts it as a fake


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