Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Do your research

2. Do your research

You will be investing time and money. You can invest that time and money into anything from selling flower seeds to Lamborghini's.

Your income will be directly tied to this market.

CRITICAL ERROR ALERT: We're working with paradigm shifts. When you select your target market you should do it with an eye on selling big ticket items in the future (or continuity programs, like a membership site).

These can be yours, or they can be someone else's. If you can't see a backend then you may be making a poor long-term choice.

I recommend that you visit Agora-Inc.com and pay attention to 2 things:

1. What they are promoting - what niches they are in, and

2. How their selling process works.

You will notice Agora works in this way:

1. Free subscription (just like I show in the Money Map X )

2. Frequent follow-up with compelling copy via email.

3. Offers for low-cost physical mail subscriptions ($15 per quarter).

4. Physical mail subscriptions follow same formula as email follow-up; compelling stories that end with a sales offer.

5. Backend offers include:

  • $70 items such as an ebook titled "How to Retire Young in Mexico and Live Like a King"
  • $300-500 offers of live workshop packages, like "Investing in Real Estate in Mexico"
  • $1000-5000 live workshops on the subject where youget to "meet the experts"
  • The experts are agents, often selling services that help people buy real estate in Mexico.

Of course, the REAL money is in the packages starting at $300 and up. It's not that difficult to bring together a group of professionals, all wanting to sell their services, and take a percentage (we see this in the IM seminar circle 'ie, pitchfests', all the time).

Get a group of experts together, deliver valuable and wanted info, record it and make money. [If you don't want to hassle with the expense and headache of physical product creation, SOON you'll be able to deliver that content - in high quality - over the Internet - And I DO NOT CARE what John Reese says, people WILL spend as much, and often times more, for digital products. I have proven this a number of times and anyone who wants to argue that possibility is stuck either in ego, the past, or small thinkingness. Sorry, it's the truth - do YOU want to argue with the truth?]

If you can't "see" doing this with what you're promoting, then you need to start looking in a new direction [A great mastermind group can help too].

If you can't see a backend, you have a serious problem to deal with before you've begun.


PS - I've heard that Alex Nghiem's Backend Cash Manuscript is good - any opinions?

PPS - Just when you think that every niche in IM has already been staked out, here comes someone who's claimed the "Backend".


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