Friday, March 16, 2007

Products and Paradigm Shifts

It's not all peaches and cream sitting atop
Mount Olympus with the other Gurus.

You can laugh now - I am.

The toughest part of this gig is trying to
satisfy people's unquenchable thirst for
"The Big Secret".

I have secrets, sure.

But excellence isn't as much about the "how
to" secrets as 'they' want you to believe.

As marketer's we're expert (to some degree)
at poking and prodding people's lust button.

EVERY time you buy something, your desire
button has been poked.

This is reality: Until you've rid yourself of
desire and you sit along side the REAL gurus,
you're always exploitable.

It's not that someone's going to convince you
to spend a few bucks that soothe your desire
for a day or two - in fact, that's not bad - it's
just "what is".

It's that when you get stuck in this desire,
you don't take action with what you have.

It has NOTHING to do with HARD WORK.

Please, somebody put a sock in that guy's
mouth already - the more he talks, the more
I'm convinced he's living on fluff.

That's an insult to anyone who's ever dug a
ditch for a living - that big guru doesn't have
clue one what REAL hard work is . . .

Back on topic:

My Black Book owners last week asked me
to setup a real campaign this week to show
how I do it.

There was a common "problem" with my
workshop attendees and I'm finding it with
my DVD customers too - so I am assuming
this is a widespread symptom of

People don't buy keyword phrases - they
buy products that satisfy a desire that is
symptomatic of an underlying feeling of
not being fulfilled (and that feeling never
goes away unless the person recognizes
and resolves it - and 99% of people

Over and over I read in forums about how
somebody is getting Google slapped, not
making Adwords work, etc.

Their approach?

They pick some random product, build the
biggest keyword list they can and place
the cheapest bids possible.

That's marketing?

All of the above . . .




Yes, that approach can work. So can
hitting the bullseye on a dartboard,

But it fails 95% of the time. Not just
for newbies - for me and for everyone
else I know.

That's why I say "Think product
specific". Look for where the hungry
crowd already exists - take a small
group of hungry people over the great
hoard and you'll win.

Forget about how much search volume
there is - well, there needs to be some
demand - but one of my best affiliate
performers of all-time only generated
about 1500 clicks per month. And that
was enough to earn tens of thousands
promoted with a keyword list of FIVE

Paradigm Shifts . . .

I love them. When I have them, I make
more money.

They usually occur when I start to
question conventional wisdom and DO
the opposite.

The ugliness of Adsense and page
generator sites has had a far greater
impact on Internet marketing than I
think anyone realizes.

It created BAD habits. It created BAD
paradigms. It created a lot of faulty
reasoning that has resulted in failure -
and that failure rate is going viral.

"They only thing I know is that I know
nothing." - Socrates

My hunch . . . there isn't an Internet
marketer alive smarter than our boy S.

Question your paradigms - because no
matter who's mouth it comes from, the
only constant here is change.


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