Thursday, March 01, 2007

CLOSED: Seeking Apprentice(s) CLOSED

Hey Xster -

I'm looking for someone to work with
who can put together sites, install
scripts, etc.

I need to get out of the technical part
of my business - maybe you want to

There are two things that are essential
to me:

1. You must have a high level of integrity -
you must do what you say you're going
to do, when you say you'll do it.

If it doesn't get done - no excuses; either
you're going to get the job done or not.

2. A sense of urgency. I cannot deal with
people who drag their feet and just can't
get it going.

What's in it for you . . .

a. A modest wage, with potential for
more up the road - in your response,
tell me what you're willing to work for -

b. A one-on-one relationship with me;
I don't have much time for conversation,
but you'll be a part of what I'm
developing and learn first-hand from
what I do and how I do it (more on the
site development side than from the
Adwords side).

c. You'll have access to all kinds of
scripts and tools - many before they
hit the market.

Tell me why . . .

If you're interested, then post a
comment and tell my why you think
you're right for this opportunity.

(Comments will be reviewed by
me, but NOT posted to the blog -
anything you share WILL NOT
be seen by anyone but me and my
assistant. Be sure to include an
email address and your name, so
I can contact you).

I DO NOT want to hear any hard
luck stories - I want to hear the
positive and the proactive reasons.

Show me actual work and be as
specific as possible about what you
can do - in as few words as are

Writer's - you'll get your chance



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