Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Start Testing the Market

1. Make a list of as many "name" brand products as you can in a market place. You want to promote EVERYTHING.

If you were to target people interested in buying real estate in Mexico, then you want to find directly related products first - ie, "How to Buy Real Estate in Mexico". Then you want to promote those products using, first, the name of theproduct or company selling them.


First off, if you're having trouble getting people who are SEARCHING for a product, by name, to buy that product then you've got a snow balls chance in hell of selling that product to people who ARE not searching for the product specifically.

So . . .

A. Evaluate if the sales process being used is simply a poor process that you can improve on. This is especially recommended if you're confident in your ability (or someone you can hire) to write good copy.

Creating your own sales process is highly recommended - I don't hit on this as hard in the DVDs as I did in the Adwords Black Book, but most merchants know zip to nada about how to sell online.

This is a huge advantage you can EXPLOIT - even the 'newbie' marketer who's read a few high quality IM ebooks (or my blog) knows more than the average business about how to sell online.

See yourself as the MARKETING EXPERT. You know more than 99% of business owners (or their insultants).

What's an insultant?

A consultant who insults people by claiming to know what they're doing even though they don't do it. If they were good at DOING what they tell people to do, then they'd do it for them self - like you and I do - and not deal with pain in the butt clients who just want something pretty to look at.



At 1:12 PM , Blogger Wesley Anderson said...

Hi X

Found your blog recently through Andre Chaperon and just purchased Adwords Money Map which I thought was great (esp. Page 8)

Some comments:

1. Can you change the theme of your blog, the white text on black background is killing my eyes!

2. Can you enable RSS feeds please




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