Monday, April 23, 2007

Demographic Research Tool

With taxes, some family health issues and a touch of burnout, I haven't been on my "A" game lately (or keeping on track with this project).

My new example "guitar site" is bringing in some sales - but not what I want or expect after Undercover Profits pointed out what to promote (no problems there).

When writing copy, we have to make assumptions about the audience we're writing to - and clearly, I don't know the audience very well!

Here's my assumption about who plays guitar and looks for lessons online:

- Male
- 16-24
- Single
- High School or some college education
- No children
- Income under $24,000 per year

Accordingly, I took the "learn to play guitar and have all of the women you want" route.

Later in this post, I'll reveal a new resource that gave me a VERY different picture of who I'm writing to - and how I've been writing my copy is WAY off target.

In fact, I'm so far off target that split-testing would be a waste of time - split-testing is a great thing we should all be doing, but if your initial premise stinks then everything you try is going to stink.

Before you can hit a ball out of the park you have to BE IN THE PARK.

So, here's what I found by doing some demographic research on who visits the site of the product I'm promoting.

- Sex: Male (the only thing I got right)
- Average age: 35-65+ (my guessed age group is LESS likely to visit this site and my 35-65+ demographic probably isn't interested in becoming a rockstar sex symbol)
- Marital status: Married
- Education: No college/undergrad degree
- Children: Yes
- Income: 24-60K

With this information in front of me, I can take a better educated guess - these are guys with some money spend (from steady jobs), they're middle aged and they have families at home.

Playing guitar is a hobby and a passion - not a way to pick up chicks (as it were for me back in the day).

The tool that gave me all this terrific FREE info is

Since conversion IS the most important aspect of marketing, knowing who you're promoting to is VITAL.




At 1:51 AM , Blogger Ben said...

I'm a bit peeved that you would just rip this resource off the Xray Domination course.

Owner of ur products,


At 7:15 PM , Blogger X said...

Huh? Come on Ben -

When have you known me to rip off anybody else's stuff?

If you do a search in Google, you see "" listed on 17,000 sites - curiously, next to nobody knows about this resource, but Xray Domination isn't the only place it's ever been mentioned.

I respect Ryan and the Jerk too much to blatantly rip them off.



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