Monday, April 16, 2007

Vista Sucks

For all the bitching and moaning I do from time to time, I have never been a complainer about Microsoft products.

To me, it's most just one of those things people like to bitch about because people like to bitch and it's one thing most of us have in common.

Well, I'm here to tell you - Windows Vista sucks. Half the software I own won't run correctly with it. Camtasia keeps freezing up - AFTER I've recorded something. Dreamweaver, same issues.

And those ads on TV - you know the one's with the dorky PC guy (I guess that's me) and the Mac guy who's supposed to be cool (are they serious?) - and the body guard who keeps asking the PC guy "Approve or Deny"?

We'll it's dang close to the truth. Everytime I open a program "Do you want to open this program? Approve or Deny?"

Yes - I want to open this program. If I didn't want to open it I wouldn't have double-clicked the icon you meathead.

Look, that's a small annoyance I can live with - programs not working a freezing up? That I cannot live with.

Don't buy a machine that insists you buy it with Vista - I thought I'd do it because it's just inevitable. Truly, you'll hate life with Vista.

I hate it.

On a more positive note . . . I finally got a second monitor to hook up to my computer and I love it. It makes my work a lot more efficient (I usually have at least 10 windows open and I'm usually jumping between more than one of them).

If you're still working with only one monitor, leave the dark ages behind.



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