Monday, April 30, 2007

Long Live the Ice Queen

With a background in politics and a degree in Communication Arts and Sciences I learned long ago to read between the lines of the propaganda spin artists.

I will hand it to the Ice Queen, aka, Rosalind Gardner - she's very good.

If you don't know the background on this story, let's summarize it briefly.

In January 2007, Rosalind promotes my Affiliate Marketing Sham report to her list - with the promise I pay her .35 per lead. So, she sends traffic and I get a nice chunk of new subscribers to my list.

That's great - I write her a personal note to thank her, to tell her that her ebook was the first I ever bought (a little too basic for me even back then, but I could see how it might be helpful to a real newbie none-the-less).

Before any promotion has occurred, I make it very clear that paying for leads and paying for sales that result from those leads are two different things - first, this is common practice and second, the reasoning is that I want my affiliate's to promote both.

She knows this and she chooses to proceed of her own doing.

After dear Ros promotes the report, she turns around and bashes it - and implies the people who would be my customers are undereducated, naive and immature.

I don't know - does that describe YOU?

In essence, she wants me to pay her for leads that she then "ills the water" for.

Naturally, this doesn't set well with me - and I call her on it.

Her response was a matronly "Fine young man - I'm going to show you. I won't even watch the DVDs you sent me - they're still sitting here on my desk."


Do I want to pay her for this? Aren't affiliates supposed to be compensated for AIDING THE SALES PROCESS? Has she aided the sales process at all?

I say no on all three counts.

But, I finally decide to pay her and be done.

And yes, while laboriously tabulating her leads - something that had to be done by hand because 1ShoppingCart's reporting system is seriously crapped out right now and has been for the six months I've had my account - I disapproved her account which she received an email about, automatically from the system. So there is no surprise here, however dumb she wants to play it.

Is it merely coincidence she attempts to login into her account the very day I disapprove her?

No. It's just a little propaganda ploy because someone called her on her shit (and you can tell by reading her post it got her goat . . . :-).

Folks, this is the most manipulative two-faced act I've seen in . . . ever.

While she attempts to portray me as a scam with her clever language, let's be clear; The only thing she ever promoted for me was the report - and affiliates were notified in January that I would only pay for leads up until January 12th. Since she's never promoted the Black Book DVDs, there are no dead links sitting anywhere for her.

I don't care to have her as an affiliate - would you? - it was my prerogative (and mistake) to have approved her, and it's my prerogative to REMOVE her.

She's been flushed, and she ain't gotta like it.

Look, Rosalind's crap is the kind of old-school BS that you and I are just plain sick of. I can't even begin to count the number of emails sent to me saying ".X., thank you for telling it like it is with this woman."


Yes, Rosalind is a part of the crap clique and I could care less what kind of spasmodic gyrations she's going through right now.

If you've ever seen an ant interact with boric acid, you've got the picture.

Rosalind is very good at manipulating the newbie crowd. If nothing else, go read her post and use it as a study in propaganda communication. She doesn't say anything that you can pin on her - but her use of implication is masterful.

Long live the Ice Queen.



At 9:12 AM , Blogger X said...

Ha, ha, ha . . .

To prove my point, yet again, Dear Ros deleted my response on her blog (and she's edited her past posts about me to cover her ass).

Nice work Rosalind! You're sliding into the abyss faster than ***** ********.


At 8:58 PM , Blogger Laurie said...


Doesn't surprise me a bit. Look at her public policy on BH techniques then look at what type convention she gave that speech to. Forgeddabout her.


At 8:21 AM , Blogger X said...

You're right Laurie.

Thanks, X


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