Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Product Creation Recommendation

I know that many of my readers are primarily affiliate marketers. And I will continue sending them this message:

EVERYTHING CHANGES WHEN YOU HAVE A PRODUCT - ( instead of building somebody else's business as an affiliate, you can get affiliates to build yours; and for the truly ruthless, you've never had more fun as a marketer than you will when you start stealing your competition's affiliates away, he-he-he).

Product creation can be intimidating to some and that's why I'm giving you my highest recommendation here.

I bought a $7 guide from Kevin Riley on this subject - it's excellent:

First, it's TRULY better than 90% of the products I've ever bought.

Second, it is probably the best written guide I've ever bought.

Third, you want to pay attention to how he markets this and ties it in with other product - this is a lesson in marketing everyone will benefit from.

Fourth, this guide is so comprehensive that I'll use it as a training guide for anyone I hire to create product for me in the future.

What? You thought I actually WROTE the Adwords Black Book?

OK, I did.

At 7 bucks, you can't go wrong - I highly recommend this Recipe for Product Creation.


PS - I also subscribed to my buddy Woody Maxim's physical newsletter yesterday. He's running a promo that ends tomorrow, the 25th, where you can get the first issue mailed to you for only $15 - I haven't seen it yet, but feedback has been excellent in the forums.

Woody Maxim


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