Saturday, May 19, 2007

Adcenter Black Book

Is the world full of liars, thief's and scam artists?

I've dealt with more than my share of these people this year, but here takes the cake.


This is not my product - it's a ripoff of my product. It's a violation of copyright law. And it's a violation of the customers who've bought my material in good faith.

I've been dealing with a scam artist for nearly a year . . .

This involves a customer who thought an Adcenter Black Book was a good idea. Originally I agreed, but after playing with Adcenter I found little I like.

Time went by and while I'm busy with other projects, the customer decides to proceed with the project; he re-writes my book and creates a sales letter. He does a pre-launch sale and this is when the first red flag appears . . .

People start writing me and saying "When am I going to get my Adcenter Black Book"


I contact this guy and he plays it off as "I wrote you and never heard back, so I decided to move the project forward myself - here's the product, what do you think? Can we get this on track?"

OK, trust shattered but I give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I actually try to work something out - he's obviously put a lot of work into this. Did I fail to come through on my end?


After continued discussions with this guy, I am clear the Adcenter Black Book is not a match for me and it's not the right thing to do by my customers.

No - I'm out. I tell him "Do not use my material, do not use my sales letter, do not use my customer's testimonials - remove it all IMMEDIATELY."

Yesterday . . .

People begin writing me after reading in Chris Carpenter's report.

What's up with the Adcenter Black Book? Is this really your product?

What the hell is going on?

I spend the day trying to hunt down Chris - tough guy to reach.

Last night, Chris calls me from Mexico. He's as perplexed as me . . . "haven't we been exchanging emails for months?"

No, we have not.

This guy hasn't just represented himself as "X" - or as a rep of "X" - he's represented himself as "me" - if you know my name, you know this just got a whole lot more bizarre.

Chris wants to put the Black Book DVDs in his report, but "I" say "No - put the Adcenter Black Book in - it will be much bigger."

Chris reluctantly agrees, thinking this is a little weird - but I am a little weird, so this slips under the radar.

Who this guy really is, who knows?

What he is, is clear - and after months of lacking that clarity, the only thing good about this situation that I see right now is that finally "I know".

If you're contacted by "me" or anyone claiming to be "me", don't believe them unless you get an email from my email address.

This chap is Irish - may he drown his miserable ass in a barrel of Guinness. I love the Irish, so that makes this a particularly sad chain of events.

Don't believe everything you read from anyone who writes it (on the subject of lying liars, see also Rosalind Gardner - may the truth get out on that one too).



At 6:45 AM , Blogger Alfred Ko said...

I had a doubt as the fancy salesletter doesn't look like you at all.

Many have mistaken you as the author anyways

At 8:37 AM , Blogger X said...

Yes Alfred, it's unfortunate that a
number of people have probably been
taken on this one.

At 3:16 PM , Blogger Blue said...

Thanks for making that clear.

I totally believed it was yours since you've mentioned in the past you might do something like that...I doubt that I'm the only one who got "conned".


At 7:48 PM , Blogger Kyle McBride said...

I just read this post ONE DAY AFTER I bought the Adcenter BB.

WOW, it's really unbelievable what people will do. I haven't gotten the product yet but I think I will be returning it on principle. Unvelievable.


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