Sunday, May 20, 2007

Internet Marketing Superconference

Yes, it is true.

I will be speaking at the Internet Marketing Superconference in Las Vegas, June 21-24.

I'll be sending out a promo this week, if you're lucky enough to be on my list.

A few people have written me to express surprise (and concern) that I'm getting sucked into the "guru" network.

Do not fear.

There are three primary reasons for speaking at this conference.

First, IMSC is hosted by my very good friend and mentor, Carl Galletti. I have turned down other speaking ops this year; hard to turn down my friend.

Second, this will be my fourth IMSC - can't imagine missing one. It's been a key source of hardcore IM info for me in the past.

My first IMSC, I worked for Carl as a cameraman - really couldn't afford to attend any other way. By the second one, I was making a good living. By the third, I'd achieved some big things.

In short, it's my way of giving something back.

Third, and this is a fine line I will walk - is this:

At these seminars, a wide variety of ideas are put out into our profession that will influence it's future course - and the future course of the life of the people who attend.

I feel strongly that there is a right way to do things; and then there's the "get rich quick without doing much of nothing" way.

I think people need to hear about "the right way".

What I do, I've done successfully for a number of years. My business continues to grow -

At the same time, I've watched countless people follow the fads - some had success for a time, then lost everything. Other's just got discouraged and quit.

Given a number of events this year that basically have sucked, I'm not going away but my visibility will be different.

Aside from Mastermind X in September - and IMSC in June, I have no plans to do any other live events. With Baby X numero tres due in October, my focus will be on family one and continuing to grow my own business (while getting closer to the 4 hour work week).

So, there you have it.



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