Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Google Ads for Free?

I bought this yesterday, expecting the

The title might be deceptive, depending on perspective - Google isn't giving you free ads, you have other's footing the bill - but the author doesn't say Google is giving free ads (and this is also not Google arbitrage, though something in the same ballpark - it has NOTHING to do with Adsense).

This is a very viable concept and the tag of "scam" is inaccurate.

The concept isn't new - it's a spin on something people have done in every angle of business for countless years - but it is new to Adwords IMO.

What you need to know in considering this as an educational investment is that it's a different approach to doing the
advertising you may already be doing; for some people, it's a fit - for other's it will not be.

Don't think "I'll do what I'm doing now and get my ads for free from Google" - not the case, and it's not the claim.

Sorry to be cryptic - I'm not going to give away the guy's "secret".

I read a lot of crap - and this is neither crap, nor a scam (just marketing pushed to the edge that plays on people's
perceptions - what they want to believe as true.)

But that doesn't make it a scam - and no, I don't know the author, never heard of him or from him. I'm interested in the
truth and have an increasing dislike for sheeple and their herders.


Google Ads for Free

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Most people resist making a decision until faced with losing the opportunity to do so.

The button pushed:

The desire for control.

Control is one of the three HOT buttons I reveal in the psychology section of the Black Book DVDs.

Last September I saw something amazing with this principle; Using a one-time-only offer, aka OTO, in a non-Internet marketing niche I was achieving a 10% conversion rate.

10% is pretty dang good, but here's what's amazing . . .

My sales letter sucked.

Bad. Awful. Never thought people would see it (on that note, I'm celebrating - the site in question was banned from Google for putting TE pages on it for almost THREE years - just got some of my PR back and the site is alive again).

In fact, I had fifty bulletpoints that I'd pulled in from another sales letter that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the product being sold.

I could have posted an irrelevant news article and done about that same 10%.

In case you don't already have the point, one time only offers WORK - you should use them whenever, whereever you can.

Two new pieces of software are out - one from my friend Jordan Hall that uses a new twist - it's a timed OTO; you have X amount of time to act, then that's it.

Keith Wellman tested it and claimed his conversion rate nearly doubled.

This is a bargain (I see the price just went up $10) and it's simple:

The next piece of software, I haven't tried but I already know it's going to be hot-good.

It's the latest from John ****, appropriately named "***** *****".

Cool name - and I'm one of only three with the chance to offer it to you, out the gate.

With OTOs, you name it, it sounds like ***** ***** can do it.
More expensive, but mega-featured:
(Link coming this Friday, maybe sooner, hopefully not later)

Both of these pieces of software fit perfectly into my "name squeeze to sales letter approach".


PS - Next week - think June - is the launch of Google Cash Detective by Chris Carpenter. I want to clear out the remaining sets of Black Book DVDs I have and I'll be offering them as a bonus for GCD.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Internet Marketing Superconference

Yes, it is true.

I will be speaking at the Internet Marketing Superconference in Las Vegas, June 21-24.

I'll be sending out a promo this week, if you're lucky enough to be on my list.

A few people have written me to express surprise (and concern) that I'm getting sucked into the "guru" network.

Do not fear.

There are three primary reasons for speaking at this conference.

First, IMSC is hosted by my very good friend and mentor, Carl Galletti. I have turned down other speaking ops this year; hard to turn down my friend.

Second, this will be my fourth IMSC - can't imagine missing one. It's been a key source of hardcore IM info for me in the past.

My first IMSC, I worked for Carl as a cameraman - really couldn't afford to attend any other way. By the second one, I was making a good living. By the third, I'd achieved some big things.

In short, it's my way of giving something back.

Third, and this is a fine line I will walk - is this:

At these seminars, a wide variety of ideas are put out into our profession that will influence it's future course - and the future course of the life of the people who attend.

I feel strongly that there is a right way to do things; and then there's the "get rich quick without doing much of nothing" way.

I think people need to hear about "the right way".

What I do, I've done successfully for a number of years. My business continues to grow -

At the same time, I've watched countless people follow the fads - some had success for a time, then lost everything. Other's just got discouraged and quit.

Given a number of events this year that basically have sucked, I'm not going away but my visibility will be different.

Aside from Mastermind X in September - and IMSC in June, I have no plans to do any other live events. With Baby X numero tres due in October, my focus will be on family one and continuing to grow my own business (while getting closer to the 4 hour work week).

So, there you have it.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Adcenter Black Book

Is the world full of liars, thief's and scam artists?

I've dealt with more than my share of these people this year, but here takes the cake.


This is not my product - it's a ripoff of my product. It's a violation of copyright law. And it's a violation of the customers who've bought my material in good faith.

I've been dealing with a scam artist for nearly a year . . .

This involves a customer who thought an Adcenter Black Book was a good idea. Originally I agreed, but after playing with Adcenter I found little I like.

Time went by and while I'm busy with other projects, the customer decides to proceed with the project; he re-writes my book and creates a sales letter. He does a pre-launch sale and this is when the first red flag appears . . .

People start writing me and saying "When am I going to get my Adcenter Black Book"


I contact this guy and he plays it off as "I wrote you and never heard back, so I decided to move the project forward myself - here's the product, what do you think? Can we get this on track?"

OK, trust shattered but I give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I actually try to work something out - he's obviously put a lot of work into this. Did I fail to come through on my end?


After continued discussions with this guy, I am clear the Adcenter Black Book is not a match for me and it's not the right thing to do by my customers.

No - I'm out. I tell him "Do not use my material, do not use my sales letter, do not use my customer's testimonials - remove it all IMMEDIATELY."

Yesterday . . .

People begin writing me after reading in Chris Carpenter's report.

What's up with the Adcenter Black Book? Is this really your product?

What the hell is going on?

I spend the day trying to hunt down Chris - tough guy to reach.

Last night, Chris calls me from Mexico. He's as perplexed as me . . . "haven't we been exchanging emails for months?"

No, we have not.

This guy hasn't just represented himself as "X" - or as a rep of "X" - he's represented himself as "me" - if you know my name, you know this just got a whole lot more bizarre.

Chris wants to put the Black Book DVDs in his report, but "I" say "No - put the Adcenter Black Book in - it will be much bigger."

Chris reluctantly agrees, thinking this is a little weird - but I am a little weird, so this slips under the radar.

Who this guy really is, who knows?

What he is, is clear - and after months of lacking that clarity, the only thing good about this situation that I see right now is that finally "I know".

If you're contacted by "me" or anyone claiming to be "me", don't believe them unless you get an email from my email address.

This chap is Irish - may he drown his miserable ass in a barrel of Guinness. I love the Irish, so that makes this a particularly sad chain of events.

Don't believe everything you read from anyone who writes it (on the subject of lying liars, see also Rosalind Gardner - may the truth get out on that one too).


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fair Warning


The madman is back.

You know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

.X. has had enough. It's time to get back to bitch slappin' nastiness boys and girls.

Adwords Black Book 2.0 (or maybe the Affiliate Black Book) is now cooking.

After months in the funk, the amps are crunchin' loud in my head again.

Launch date . . . who knows? I'm targeting July 1 for mailing the first issue of the IMXFiles - maybe pre-that if I can pull it off and make it good as it will be.

What I do knows is this -

It's gonna be excellent.

It's gonna be step-by-step.

It's gonna show you exactly how I used affiliate marketing and Adwords to launch a new site that's gonna do 10-25K - per month.

You gonna like it - and it ain't gonna be full of stuff I ripped off from everyone else like that crap I keep wasting my money on.

Fact is, I'm fu**ing sick of reading my stuff in other people's books and if anyone's gonna make money selling it - it's me.

Tentative price: $397

Go ahead. Tell me how good I look while I still look this good.

Forget it Ros - you're too old and I'm too married. You're going to have to keep hunting the classifieds honey.