Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Adwords Account Banned

Adwords Account Banned

Post on Forum (This is NOT me or my
client - I don't 'DO' clients):

A few weeks ago one of my best coaching
club clients received an email from Google
stating that his companies' AdWords (not
Adsense) account had been closed and that
they where banned from advertising with

Since my client cannot figure out for the
life of him what the heck he could have
possibly done wrong, he has sent several
emails to them and has even tried getting
info over the phone, but no dice!

Has this happened to anyone else? I've
heard of people getting their AdSense
accounts banned, but never an AdWords

Besides that if what he's telling me is
correct, his company spent an average of
$15,000- to $20,000- a MONTH on AdWords.

I feel bad for the poor guy and besides
that he is one of my best clients and I'd
hate to see his business suffer . . .


After identifying the problem
wasn't the product, that Google
wouldn't give him a direct
answer, how much - or little
he was spending . . .

The problem was isolated that
he had multiple accounts
promoting the same product on
the same keyword phrases.

It sounds like we have an

First, Google is tricky about
ferreting this out. It's
cheating and apparently Google
don't like it enough it will
ban ALL your accounts.

But there's a way to get around
this without getting in
trouble. It's possible to
run multiple ads for the
same search phrase (within the
same account); you just
can't be promoting the same
product. ;-)

For those who have the Black Book,
think IP. For those who don't -
or do - if you have a winning
keyword phrase, then promoting
multiple forms of the product -
or using different prospect
approaches works fine.

In other words, a book and an
audio on the exact same subject
are two different products.

That's OK.

Using a variety of front end
give aways that lead to the
same destination - OK too.

There's always a way to gain
a competitive advantage without
"cheating" in Google's eyes.

And running multiple campaings
on multiple accounts to promote
the same thing is cheating in
the eyes of Big Brother, I mean


PS - The Black Book DVD's
should be out late January 2007.

PPS - My tactics are always
aggressive. Use them at your
own discretion. If you funk it
up, rules change, etc, it's
your business - not mine - and
you're responsible for it - not
me. Consider this a disclaimer.