Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Google Ads for Free?

I bought this yesterday, expecting the

The title might be deceptive, depending on perspective - Google isn't giving you free ads, you have other's footing the bill - but the author doesn't say Google is giving free ads (and this is also not Google arbitrage, though something in the same ballpark - it has NOTHING to do with Adsense).

This is a very viable concept and the tag of "scam" is inaccurate.

The concept isn't new - it's a spin on something people have done in every angle of business for countless years - but it is new to Adwords IMO.

What you need to know in considering this as an educational investment is that it's a different approach to doing the
advertising you may already be doing; for some people, it's a fit - for other's it will not be.

Don't think "I'll do what I'm doing now and get my ads for free from Google" - not the case, and it's not the claim.

Sorry to be cryptic - I'm not going to give away the guy's "secret".

I read a lot of crap - and this is neither crap, nor a scam (just marketing pushed to the edge that plays on people's
perceptions - what they want to believe as true.)

But that doesn't make it a scam - and no, I don't know the author, never heard of him or from him. I'm interested in the
truth and have an increasing dislike for sheeple and their herders.


Google Ads for Free


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